At an amusement park, 25 riders ride the race cars every 30 minutes and 20 riders ride the spinning swings every 20 minutes.Which ride will have more riders each hour and how many more?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Spinning Swings10 more ridersStep-by-step explanation:To find which ride will have more riders each hour, we need to first convert an hour into minutes.1 hour = 60 minutesNow we let's first find how many riders there will be in the race cars.So there are 25 riders every 30 minutes.in 60 minutes there will be:25 x 2 = 50 RidersNow for the spinning swings there are 20 riders every 20 minutes.In 60 minutes there will be:20 x 3 = 60 RidersTherefore, the spinning swings will have more riders as 60 > 50.Now to find how many more riders there will be in the spinning swings.We simply subtract the total number of riders of each ride from each other.Race Cars = 50Spinning Swings = 6060 - 50 = 10There will be 10 more riders in the spinning cups than the race cars.