Mike works two part time jobs while going to college. He works 8 and half hours a week at the ice-cream store for $10.55 per hour and 7 hours a week at the movie theater for 13.85 per hour. Work each of the following problems in decimal form.1. How much does Mike earn a week before taxes are taken out of his paycheck?2. If 22 percent of Mike’s paycheck is withheld for taxes, how much money is left for Mike?3. At which Job does Mike earn the most before taxes, how much more?4. If Mike spends $50 a week on entertainment, what percent of Mike’s paycheck is left after he pays taxes? In decimal form.

Accepted Solution

Answer:1.$186.632.$145.573.$7.27 more4.65.65%Step-by-step explanation:Mike has two part time jobs.Job 1: Ice-cream storeNumber of hours worked= 8.5 hoursPayment per hour=$10.55Job 2: Movie theaterNumber of hours worked=7 hoursPayment per hour=$13.851. Earnings per week before taxes⇒For job 1 will be; the product of hours worked and hourly payments= 8.5×$10.55 =$89.68⇒For job 2 will be;=7×$13.85=$96.95Total=$89.68+$96.95=$186.632.  Calculate amount taken as tax     Find 22% of the amount earned    = 22/100 * 186.63 =$41.06   Remaining amount after tax will be;    =$186.63-$41.06=$145.573.The job that Mike earns the most before taxes is  at the Movie theater.How much more will be; Earnings at Movie theater-Earnings at the Ice-cream store=$96.95-$89.68=$7.27 more4.After paying taxes the amount remaining is $145.57After spending $50 on entertainment,the amount left will be;  $145.57-$50=$95.57so to find the percent of remaining amount of Mike's paycheck will be;95.57/145.57 *100=65.65%